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Important Introducing - Factions Fire

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Curtis, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Curtis

    Curtis New Member

    Feb 17, 2018

    Today I am going to be announcing a whole ton of information for you guys! Over the past couple of weeks since I've joined TheSquadMC I was given the task to recreate our Factions servers! So I am happy to announce and present to you.. Factions Fire.

    Factions Fire will release on April 1st at 1PM EST.
    You can view the time remaining here:


    With Factions Fire comes a crazy amount of updates, fixes and important changes to the structure of how our current Faction servers are so make sure you're paying attention.

    Server Structure (IMPORTANT)
    We will be removing the 3 Faction servers right now which are rightly named "Factions-1" "Factions-2" and "Factions-3" and combining them all into one server which is going to be named "Factions Fire".

    If you've made a purchase for a Rank, GKit, Tags, Perks (Permissions) etc then don't worry! We will be merging your permissions & ranks to Factions Fire. So yes, you will keep your purchases! This also means if you have won a rank or permission through the use of a crate key, we will also be transferring those.

    I had noticed that there were a large amount of issues related to Perks. Issues such as people not getting what they purchased, not getting the tools that they purchased or the Perks just simply not working.

    So with that we have decided that we're going to review ALL Perk payments and compensate those who made the purchases on Factions-1, 2 and 3 with the equivalent gift-card for you to reuse on our store! You can use these gift cards for ABSOLUTELY anything (within the balance) on our webstore -

    The Purge
    We will be running a purge for all 3 Faction servers on Friday, 30th of March at 1 PM EST. The purge will be recorded by all 3 YouTubers and posted to their channels, you're not going to want to miss it as it's going to be crazy!

    The Purge will include the removal of Spawn protection, crazy kits (for free) and much more! The purge will happen on the 30th of March. The time will be announced within the next day or two!

    Factions Fire Introduction
    Now, let's get onto the details of the Factions Fire release! As mentioned above we will be merging Factions-1, 2 and 3 into one single realm. With this comes a huge amount of new features. We have created a trailer for you to watch!

    Before you watch the trailer I just wanted to announce that with the introduction of Factions Fire that ALL 3 YouTubers WILL be creating a Factions series! You'll be able to check it out on their channels!

    Watch below:

    Misc Information
    • 12,500 x 12,500 World Limit
    • 1,500 x 1,500 Nether Limit
    • 3500 x 3500 End Limit
    • 30 Member Limit
    • 30 Power Per Player
    • 1 Ally
    • Faction Rules are STILL enforced
    • 1 Week Grace Period (No TNT, Creeper Eggs or KoTH's)

    Now that we've got the boring information out of the way, I think it's time we get to the interesting stuff! With that I am also happy to announce that all 3 YouTubers WILL recording a series on the Factions Fire realm! Now, the features!

    Custom Enchantments
    We have implemented Custom Enchantments this season to allow for more intense battles when fighting other players! We have over 40+ Custom Enchantments currently active on the server.

    You can read more information on the Enchantment system here:
    Custom Enchantments - Information (open)

    You will be able to purchase Custom Enchantments from the /ce or /enchanter GUI. The GUI will look something similar to this:


    You will use EXP to purchase Enchantment books. There are 6 tiers of Enchantment books, each ranging from a different amount of EXP!

    Simple - 1250 EXP
    Unique - 3500 EXP
    Elite - 7500 EXP
    Ultimate - 15000 EXP
    Legendary - 35000 EXP

    You can also gain Enchantment books through Crate Keys, Kits & Envoys! You will also be able to purchase scrolls and more on our store. With that, scrolls will be in our newest feature, Envoys!

    You can use the command /enchants <page-number> to view information on every single enchantment!

    We also have a Tinkerer in which you can trade enchantment books you don't want for Mystery Dust!

    Mystery Dust is dust that can be either Success boosting or Failure reducing, you can apply these to Enchantment books.

    Mystery Spawners
    Mystery Spawners come in more than 1 tier. They come in the following tiers:
    • Basic
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    You can gain Mystery Spawners from our webstore, Crate Keys and from Envoys! Upon receiving a Mystery Spawner you will be given a spawner similar to this:


    Upon right-clicking the Mystery Spawner you will receive ONE of the listed Spawner types!

    You will be able to purchase Mystery Spawners on our webstore -

    Mob Bosses
    Mob Bosses are sure to pack a punch! Mob Bosses will come in 3 different tiers. Each tier will give different types of rewards:

    Tier #1:
    Upon punching/attaching the Mob Boss it will drop the item below it. Item's will be completely random and can range from something simple such as some apples all the way to TNT, Mob Eggs & much more!

    Tier #2:
    Upon killing killing the Mob Boss the top 3 players who deal the most damage to the boss will be given a reward. The reward(s) are given directly to the 3 players who deal the most damage. Rewards can range from a couple of stacks of TNT all the way upto Crate Keys, Mystery Spawners and much more!

    Tier #3:
    Similar to Tier #2 but requires more damage to be dealt. The earn rewards from the Tier #3 you will be required to deal ATLEAST 10% of the mobs health to be eligible to receive a reward. This tier offers the best range of rewards!

    Bosses can be spawned within the Spawn Warzone only. They will and cannot be spawned outside of the WarZone.

    You will be able to purchase Mob Bosses on our webstore -

    General Information

    We have also worked on smaller features such as:
    • JellyLegs
    • Fixhand
    • Improved GenBuckets
    • Bug Fixes
    • Envoys
    • Coinflip
    JellyLegs (open)

    JellyLegs can be unlocked via purchasing them on the store or winning them through the crates! You can toggle JellyLegs on and off. When JellyLegs are active you will receive NO fall damage.

    You will be able to purchase access to JellyLegs on our webstore -

    Envoys (open)
    Envoys (open)

    Envoy's are a new and improved Supply Drop system! Envoy's will spawn every 4 hours within the WarZone and contain awesome loot! The loot can range from TNT all the way upto store-related items such as crate keys, mystery spawners and more!

    You can view the countdown until the next envoy simply by /envoy

    CoinFlip (open)

    Coinflip is a fun game to play with those large balances! Coinflips are simply 1 v 1's with your balances!

    You can create CoinFlip's via the /coinflip create <amount> command!

    You can view other CoinFlip's via the /coinflip command!

    Each CoinFlip has a 50/50 chance!

    Fixhand (open)
    Fixhand is a Donator replacement for the currently /fix. You can now fix per-item and a cost per/fix. This is so we can allow /fixhand in combat and allow for longer flights!

    Woah, I never thought I'd get to the end! I will be updating this post regularly with any changes, updates or simply anything that I missed!

    I look forward to seeing everybody on Friday for the Purge!


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  2. invincible1120

    invincible1120 New Member

    Jan 14, 2018
    WOW, that is AWESOME...Cant wait.
  3. DragonSlayer96

    DragonSlayer96 New Member

    Mar 28, 2018
    Sounds amazing! Looking forward to these changes :)
    Quick question though: Does this mean that players lose everyhting else they currently own, except their ranks? (items, builds, chests,...)
  4. Wrigley

    Wrigley New Member

    Mar 29, 2018
    Can I get the stuff so I can join the server? I subscribe to unspeakable and am dying to join the server
  5. abdul qavi

    abdul qavi New Member

    Mar 29, 2018
    what is the ip adress
  6. Draxxx

    Draxxx New Member

    Mar 29, 2018
    For the people above me- Everything will get reset on all 3 servers, which means you lose everything and start from scratch. The IP will be the same I'm pretty sure.
    I think the idea is cool, but I'm gonna miss having the 3 different factions servers. Remember that there's a 10 day grace period guys so you can rebuild a bit before getting knocked out!
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  7. DragonSlayer96

    DragonSlayer96 New Member

    Mar 28, 2018
    Thank you for clarifying :)
  8. Confusiongaming

    Confusiongaming New Member

    Feb 10, 2018
    All my progress! I spent so much time on building my base! Sigh it's all gonna go into the trash tomorrow. Anyways awesome update but doesn't it remind you of a factions server known as cosmicpvp........?
  9. Confusiongaming

    Confusiongaming New Member

    Feb 10, 2018
    Ip is
  10. ConstructorLeo

    ConstructorLeo Managerator Manager

    Dec 3, 2017
    Don't worry guys! The reset is going to be awesomer than awesome, we have so much stuff planned!

    Don't forget that there is the Purge on the 30th at 1PM EST.
  11. MichaelTheCoder

    MichaelTheCoder New Member

    Mar 30, 2018
    Must be a hard task, can't wait for this to come out!
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  12. Gino

    Gino New Member

    Jan 7, 2018
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  13. Shufled

    Shufled New Member

    Mar 6, 2018
    um @Curtis why did you say that all 3 YouTubers are going to be playing on Factions Fire, but yet within 11 days of the reset none of the YouTubers have uploaded any content on factions fire or even about it...
  14. Harrisondavis1

    Harrisondavis1 New Member

    Jan 30, 2018
    omg this is old im in the sky block 2.0