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Accepted Banned and played alts

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Kynlur1, May 16, 2018.

  1. Kynlur1

    Kynlur1 New Member

    May 16, 2018

    My in game names are:
    PAdoooooo, Kynlur & SkPepijn.

    Date of ban:
    Padoooooo 09/05/2018, Kynlur 14/05/2018, SkPepijn 16/05/2018

    How long is the ban: PAdoooooo permanent. Kynlur 5 days. SkSpepijn Ip Ban

    SECTION B - About the ban

    Who banned me:
    iLxgend on PAdoooooo ,Kynlur by AreoXBird and SkPepijn by Malatdu

    Why was I banned:
    Padoooooo got banned for blacklisted modifications. Kynlur for asking for a rank. SkPepijn for evading the ban period of my 2 earlier mistakes.

    Reason I want to get back: So I got really sad that I got a ban for PAdoooooo because I know I shouldnt have done hacksuating but someone killed me by hacking so I turned it on to get my gear back and so I got banned. but when that all heppend I instantly removed the client when and came back online with Kynlur because I really love this server and I asked how I could get a rank so u guys would let me be because ranked people shouldnt hack on this server. But that wasnt a smart Idea. So I got banned and went on SkPepijn so so calmly and peacefull even helping people getting Custom enchants.

    Main reason I wanna get back
    : the server is amazingly nice and I am so sorry that I hacked, I feel so dumb for that.. I will buy a rank soon too! (if unbanned ofcourse)

    Thanks for reading this!

  2. iLxgend

    iLxgend Manager Manager

    Dec 17, 2017

    PAdoooooo's appeal will be Denied because that player needs to appeal themselves. However, Kynlur and SkPepijn will be unbanned. The ban on those two accounts will be set to 7 days.