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Denied Aquacrafter2003s Staff Applaction

Discussion in 'Denied' started by BlueDino2003, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. BlueDino2003

    BlueDino2003 New Member

    Jan 21, 2018
    1) What is your in-game name = AquaCrafter2003

    2) How old are you = 14 Years Old

    3) What country are you currently living in = Ireland

    4) What language(s) can you speak = English And Spanish

    5) Do you own a microphone = Yes

    6) Do you have Discord = Yes My Name Is AquaCrafter2003#8550 And I Also Have Skype My Name Is Jdempsey465

    7) What server do you play the most = SkyBlock-3 Or SkyBlock-1 Mostly SkyBlock-3 Though And I Also Playing On The Factions Part Of The Server Some Times

    ▶ SECTION B - Information about yourself on TheSquadMC
    ) What has motivated you to apply for a staff position at TheSquadMC = What Has Motivated Me To Apply Is That I Feel That There Is Not Any Staff on SkyBlock-3 And I Would Love To Help Out With Being Staff Because I Would Always Be Active On SkyBlock-3 And Looking After That Part Of The Server And What Else Motivated Me Was That How Well Made The Server Is And One Of My Favorite Gamemodes Is On The Server Which Is SkyBlock And I Have Spotted A Few Bugs On The SkyBlock Server That I Would Love To Help Fix Including That /Fix Is Infinate There Is No Cooldown

    9) Have you received any punishments at TheSquadMC, or any other server = No I Have Not And I Hope I Will Never Be Punished On Any Servers I Have Never Hacked Or Broke The Server Rules Or Abused My Powers With Being Staff On Servers

    10) Have you created an application before this? If so, when on what date = Yes I Have Created A Applaction Before And The Date Was 21 Jan 2018 And I Was Denied On That Applaction

    ▶ SECTION C - Questions about your staffing experience
    ) Why should we choose you to become a Helper = Because I Am A Kind Hearted Person With A Great Personality And A Very Mature Person That Is Never Rude Or Ever Breaks The Rules And That Is Always Very Loyal To The Server And Has Lots Of Experience With Being Staff On Servers And Owning Servers And I Am Great With Plugins Including World Edit Multi Verse And Nearly Every Plugin

    12) In what ways could you positively contribute to the community = I Would Contribute To The Community By Donating To The Server And Voting For The Server And Always Being Very Active On The Server And Always There To Help Out With Any Problems That Are Needed Help With And I Am Also A Youtuber With 115 Subscribers Which I Can Make Videos On The Server To Promote It To Get More Popular And More Players My Channel Name Is BlueDino2003

    13) What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game = I Have Lots Of Experiences With Being Staff On Servers Including Owning Servers For Example I Have Owned 3 Servers Called SkyCraft And DinoCraft And GamingSquad SkyCraft Was Very Succesfull With Runing The Server But Sadly Was Closed Down Due To Reasons Of Staff Abusers And DinoCraft Was Shut Down Due To Money Reasons And GamingSquad Is My Minecraft Server Atm But I Have Decided To Close Down The Server For Good Due To More Money Reasons And That If I Got Staff On This Server I Would Be Putting My Full Attention To This Server So Basically On Those Servers I Was Moderating And Listening To People With Problems That Needed Fixing And Just Having Fun Getting To Know People And I Have Also Being Staff On A Bunch Of Other Servers Including VenturesPvP But Sadly I Left The Staff Team For Reasons Of Being Used I Was Co Owner On That Server And I Have Also Been Staff On A Number Of Other Servers But Where All Closed Down Due To Reasons I Am UnSure Of And For Staff Abusing / Griefing So Basically On Those Servers I Was Moderating The Chat For Them Watching Out For Hackers And Abusers And Helping People With Problems So Now I Am Not Staff On Any Servers Or Owning Any Servers

    14) Is there anything else which you would like to add = Yes I Love Helping People And Moderating Servers And Configing Plugins And I Enjoy Building Things And I Am Great With Ranks Plugins Including Group Manager And Pex

    ▶ SECTION D - Agreements
    15) If you are denied, do you agree not to argue with the decision of the staff member, and instead take on the responsibility of improving in that area? Explain why this is important = Yes I Promise I Will Not Argue With Any Staff Members And This Is Important So You Dont Get Into Fights With Staff Members And Dont Get Banned For Being Rude To Staff And It Is Important To Improve In Areas For You Might Get Accepted For Staff The Next Time You Apply For Staff

    16) Do you understand that if you ask a staff member to look at your application, it will be instantly declined? Explain why this is important. = Yes I Understand And It Is A Bad Idea To Ask A Staff Member To View Your Staff Applaction Because They Could Be Very Busy With Other Things Including Fixing Bugs Or Problems People Have And It Will Indacate To The Staff Member That You Are A Impatient Person

    17) If you are accepted but then demoted later on, do you agree to not argue, complain or question further on why you are demoted? Explain why this is important = Yes I Promise Not To Argue If I Get Demoted And It Is Important Not To Argue About It Because You Yourself Will Know Why You Are Being Demoted For Reasons Mabye You Might Have Hacked Or Abused Your Powers Or Being Rude To Players Or Mabye Just Not Active Enough
  2. Demander

    Demander Forums freak Sr Mod

    Dec 18, 2017
    Hello AquaCrafter2003,

    We would like to thank you for your interest in being part of TheSquadMC's staff team. We must sadly inform you that your application has been denied. The reason for this is because your application does not meet our standards for it to be accepted.

    Below I have listed the things that need improvement so that you may make your next application even better.

    Things to improve on:
    ▸We ask that you have a minimum of 5 - 6 sentences or 150+ words in questions on SECTION B & SECTION C.
    ▸Add a little more detail too some of your questions in SECTION B & SECTION C.

    Additional help:
    ▸ Application tips can be found here.

    If you would like to, you are allowed to re-apply in 2 weeks from today.

    Thank you for taking the time to write up an application for TheSquadMC.
    If you have any questions regarding about your application, Feel free to private message me on forums.