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▶ Introduction
Hello everyone! I am one of the owners here on squad, I manage our management team and server, I along with the rest of the staff make this beloved server what it is! As you all know, we have three other owners: UnspeakableGaming, MooseCraft & 09sharkboy!

▶ Information
We are a Minecraft network consisting of 4 game modes: Factions, Skyblock, Prison & Troll Wars. The network is in very early stages, expect many bugs and issues to occur. We ask for you guys to help us with finding these issues, you can do this by posting a bug report or letting staff know on our discord!

We are currently holding a 65% OFF SALE. ALL packages will be extremely cheap and won't last for long, so begin buying before this amazing offer runs out! Showing us support, especially during sales, means a lot to us.
You can take a look at out store by clicking here.

"We hope you all have an amazing time on TheSquadMC! We are looking forward to meeting every single one of you and your friends of course, see you around." - TheSquadMC Team