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What's up everyone,

Where have all the other Weekly Updates gone, you must be asking?!? Worry no more, today we bring you Creative! Over the past month we have been clicking away on our keyboards, creating our brand new Creative gamemode to release for all of you awesome Squad members.

Today we present to you both CREATIVE in ONE update, woah! Read on to find out more about this Weekly Update.

It's time for Creative! As well as Bedwars, we have been hard at work creating the new Creative server.
Creative allows you to build to your imaginations limit, if you have one! You can build the house of your dreams, an entire city or maybe a huge dragon!?

We have also put our Creative server on the latest version, 1.12, to allow you to build with the newest blocks on Minecraft!


Each Plot is 51x51, Member rank gets 1 plot, first donator rank gets 3 plots, second donator rank gets 5 plots & the third donator rank gets 7 plots.

To make your life easier, we've created a Plot Management GUI to easily manage your plots. Head in game and type /plot to check it out.


Limited WorldEdit
Our Creative server offers limited WorldEdit which is obtainable by either voting or purchasing a rank.

Voting will give you access to 5 minutes of WorldEdit, so if you vote all 4 times you can get a total of 20 minutes of WorldEdit!

The first donator rank gives you 3 hours of WorldEdit every 24 hours, the second rank gives you 6 hours of WorldEdit every 24 hours, third rank giving 9 hours of WorldEdit every 24 hours.

Plot Particles, Player Warps & Head Database
Plot Particles will add a particle effect to your...
Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another weekly update, and boy is this an exciting update! BUT, before we get into this Weekly Update, lets introduce our NEW COMER! Please welcome Curtis to the Management team, just like Resilience and myself, he will be working on all the new updates, fixing bugs and more. Be sure to give him a warm welcome.

Also keep in mind the 65% Flash Sale ends soon, take advantage now! (

We have all sorts of brand new content for you to explore and check out in this update, things ranging from new spawns a friend system and more! You can read on to find out more.

We have updated our Hub & Skyblock spawns to have an all spanking new spawn! We have carefully desgined these spawns to make sure they're easy to get around, nice and cozy to be in and make you go "AWESOME!" when you first see them!

Hub Spawn
Venture through our brand new fantasy-themed Hub, with colourful birds flying around, giant bright flowers and lots of trees and nice terrain formations.

Log into to see the full Hub!
You will also notice the new Cosmetic Chests & Cosmetics item in your hotbar. Soon™ you'll be able to show yourself off to all your friends (get some "Wows") with tons of awesome cosmetics.


Skyblock Spawn
Two new spawns, woah! Take a trip to our steampunk/medieval themed Skyblock spawn, and don't forget that we have updated our PvP arena as well, the new arena can be found at the back of the spawn....
Hey Everyone!

First and foremost, I'd like everyone to join me in welcoming @ckamps as our newest Developer and @Jesse as our newest Sytem-Administrator! Alongside the existing team, these individuals will be helping us make the Squad you know and love even better! On that note, let's procede to this weeks Weekly Update. We apologize for the delay or lack thereof of updates, we're currently working on redoing our backend systems to make for a better gameplay experience, which we've devoted most of our time to. We're back today with a bunch of new additions to the server that have been much requested.

▶ February Monthly Crate

We've added the February Monthly Crate to the store. If you're new, a Monthly Crate is an item that you can right-click to redeem 10 prizes, one of them may even be a rank! You can purchase 3 of these Crates per month, and there will be a new Monthly Crate every Month. We currently have a 65% off sale running, so take advantage of that while you can, these Monthly Crates pack a punch and will be sure to help you get started on any server you regularly play on!

▶ ️ Perks, Boosters, Tools

We've added an enormous amount of new perks, boosters, and tools that you'll be able to use to speed up various activities on the server. These can be unlocked in Crates, Monthly Crates, Supply Crates, and directly on our store.
  • Night Vision Perk - toggle a permanent Night Vision effect via /nv
  • EXP Booster - You and your Faction/Island will get a 3 hour double EXP boost
  • Rate Booster - You and your Faction/Island will get a 1 hour double Mob Spawning / Crop Growth boost
  • Sell Booster - You will get a 1 hour double Sell Rate boost
  • Trench Pickaxe - This pickaxe will mine in a 3x3 area
  • Shockwave Pickaxe - This pickaxe will mine in a 9x9 area
  • Craft...
Hey Everyone!

We're back again for yet another Weekly Update, this time with some exciting news regarding one of our newest additions to the server!

▶ Troll Wars

After talking it over with Unspeakable, Moose, and Shark, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to build a platform that our players could enjoy being trolled on while also enjoying a simplistic style of gameplay. This led to the creation of Troll Wars, survival with a twist.

▶ Gameplay

What better way to showcase this new gamemode than 3 new videos from your favorite content creators? Below are some videos you can watch to find out everything you need to know about Troll Wars. If you have any questions gameplay wise, either reply with your question(s) or ask us in the Discord!

▶ Passes

Before releasing Troll Wars, we needed a way to make sure there wouldn't be players coming on just to cause mayhem and chaos. This is where our Passes come in. To play Troll Wars, you'll need to purchase access on our Store, in which you can purchase 1-day, 3-day, or 1-month subscriptions. We currently have quite a big sale going on, and also took the opportunity to lower the prices of the Passes to make it easier on you guys to join in on the fun! Our content creators will be doing regular streams on there, make sure you don't miss out! Click on the packages on our Store for more information regarding the Passes.

▶ ️ Monthly Crates

We've added a new type of Crate separate from the rest on Skyblock and Factions, introducing... Monthly Crates! These are purchasable crates from our Store that will give you 10 rewards at once! You can purchase 3 of these Crates per month, and there will be a new Monthly Crate every Month with brand...
Hey Guys!

First and foremost, let's get excited for 2018! We've got so much planned over the coming weeks and months in terms of expansions to our network, some of which will be talked about today!

Coming soon to TheSquadMC...

Note: Bed Wars has not been released yet, when it does, it will be announced on our Discord and Twitter -- stay tuned.

▶ Bed Wars

That's right! The gamemode that's taken Minecraft by force as of recently is being worked on and will be added sometime in the near future to TheSquadMC! While the plan was to launch this gamemode last week, we’ve decided to spend a little more time on it as we want to make sure it’s perfect before letting you guys on. You may have already seen the gamemode in the server selector(s), if so, get excited! We have so many plans for both the gameplay and cosmetic aspects that we’re excited to update you on shortly. Some very important people may or may not be be streaming it on release...

▶ Gameplay

What is Bed Wars, you may ask? Bed Wars is one of the most popular Minecraft mini-games in which, based on the mode (explained in the below bullet) places you by yourself or with a team against other teams of the same size. You each spawn on an island with a bed, an ore generator, and two shop villagers. Once you destroy someone’s bed, you’re able to take them out of the game. If you kill someone but don’t break their bed, they will respawn in 5 seconds, and continue respawning until their bed is broken. To win, all other beds need to be broken and all other players need to be killed. If a player dies and is taken out of the game, it will display as “FINAL KILL” in chat. Winning will give you EXP and Coins, which can be used to...
Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone,

I want to start by thanking each and every one of you for joining us on release, we are extremely humbled by the sheer amount of you that joined even during the holidays. We're really excited for the future of Squad and are committed to keeping it up to standards by listening to your feedback and making the server the best it can be as deemed by you, the community. I haven't formally introduced myself yet, so I'll take the opportunity to do so now. I'm Resilience, one of the three managers alongside @ConstructorLeo and @ConradHD. Together, we'll be ensuring that the community is taken care of and the staff are doing their job properly and effectively.

▶ Weekly/Bi-Weekly Updates

Every week, or every other week, I'll be making a post similarly structured to this one outlining the many fixes and additions we've made to the server, sale information, along with a look to future weekly updates in the coming weeks. Each of these posts will also have a giveaway in them, a $25 Buycraft voucher redeemable for any items or ranks on the store. To be entered in the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post, the winner will be announced on the next Weekly Update. NOTE: Please do not make posts just to enter, they must be constructive posts with actual content in them. Don't just make a post with just your IGN or anything similar to that, or it will be removed.

▶ Future Plans
While we already have quite a few servers on the network, we're already working on new gamemodes for you guys to enjoy alongside the bug fixes and updates we have planned for our current servers. As you may have already seen on our Server Selector, Troll Wars will be making an appearance on...

▶ Introduction
Hello everyone! I am one of the owners here on squad, I manage our management team and server, I along with the rest of the staff make this beloved server what it is! As you all know, we have three other owners: UnspeakableGaming, MooseCraft & 09sharkboy!

▶ Information
We are a Minecraft network consisting of 4 game modes: Factions, Skyblock, Prison & Troll Wars. The network is in very early stages, expect many bugs and issues to occur. We ask for you guys to help us with finding these issues, you can do this by posting a bug report or letting staff know on our discord!

We are currently holding a 65% OFF SALE. ALL packages will be extremely cheap and won't last for long, so begin buying before this amazing offer runs out! Showing us support, especially during sales, means a lot to us.
You can take a look at out store by clicking here.

"We hope you all have an amazing time on TheSquadMC! We are looking forward to meeting every single one of you and your friends of course, see you around." - TheSquadMC Team