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Today we have an announcement that a lot of you have been waiting sometime for now. We have reset Factions, we have reset Prison and now it's time for a Skyblock reset!

On the 16th of June at 12 PM EST the Skyblock server will be turned into anarchy, the Skyblock Purge shall begin and will last for 12 hours! On the 17th of June at 2 PM EST the new Skyblock reset will be released.

Please keep in mind that we will be merging Skyblock 1, 2 and 3 into one server. Read on to find out exactly what the new Skyblock will consist of!

We have many new changes in Skyblock season 2, however, we don’t want to spoil everything so we will outline some of the best new features.

Skyblock Gems
Gems allow you to buy special, unique items such as armor, tools, weapons, tags, perks & money pouches! You can trade in $100,000 for one Gem or have a 50% chance of receiving one from voting.

Gems are accessed via typing /gems.

Here is a sneak peak of the new Gems Shop.

New Crates
A revamp to our crates is much needed on Skyblock, we have completely redesigned the rewards of each crate and also made them look spicier than ever!

Here is a sneak peak of the new Legendary Crate.

New Economy
Just like every other reset, Skyblock season 2 has a new economy....
What’s up everyone,

It’s time to announce the Bedwars Community Map event! We will be picking two of the best submitted maps, one for Teams and one for Solo, the two winners will also receive the second highest rank for a month! Read on to find out more.

You will be given three weeks to build your very own Bedwars map for either Teams or Solo mode. Below we have put all of the required details for how you should build your map.

  • Spawn islands must include a 3x3 generator. (Iron & Gold Generator)
  • 4 outer islands must include a diamond generator.
  • Middle island must include 4 emerald generators.
  • Teams must include 4 spawn islands: Red, Blue, Green & Yellow.
  • Solo must include 8 spawn islands: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, White, Pink, Gray
  • The spawn islands must be at least 30 blocks away from the diamond generators.
  • The diamond generators must be at least 10 - 15 blocks away from the middle island.
  • Be sure that the map is easy to PvP on.

We encourage that you use helpful tools such as Voxelsniper and Worldedit while creating your map.

You will notice that each of our maps throughout Bedwars are unique in their own way, weather it be the gameplay aspects or the theme of the map. Be sure you make your own map unique by having its own theme.

Be sure to check out how our current maps are made as that will give you more of an idea of how we like our maps!

To submit your map you must post a thread in the “Bedwars Map Submissions” forum found here. Please make sure you fill out the Map Submission format:

Map Submission Format (open)
In game name:
What mode is your map for
(Teams or Solo):
Does your map meet our requirements
(Scroll up for requirements):
Images of your map
What's up everyone,

Today we have a MASSIVE bedwars update in store for you all, we introduce to you Bedwars 1.0. This massive new update comes with many new features such as Minigame Ranks, Boosters, Kits, more Cosmetics, HUGE Bug Fixes and so much more.

Now that Bedwars is no longer in beta (yay), stats have been reset (oh) for the 1.0 release! We have done this to eliminate all of those nasty bugs to do with statistics and to balance out the previous statistics, Bedwars is now more stable than ever. Read on to find out more about this update.

You can now purchase Minigame ranks to make your experience of playing Squad's Minigames even better!

VIP [$5 / Month]
Click to view


VIP+ [$10 / Month]
Click to view

MVP [$17.50 / Month]
Click to view

Minigame Ranks are Monthly Subscriptions, this means that you can temporarily have a feel of what it's like being a donator here on Squad!

We have added Kits to Bedwars. There are a total 15 kits that you can either unlock in a crate or in a rank. Below I have listed all of the kits that we currently have.

  • Armorer Kit
  • TNT Kit...
Hey peeps!

Today, I am proud to announce the release of our brand new Prison Server! This server will be filled with fun, unique and content even the odd surprise!

Prison will be releasing on May 5th at 1pm EST.
You can view the time remaining here:


With the release of Factions Fire, we will be releasing a ton of new content, fresh for you to get your grubby hands on! Below, I will be listing the main changes to the Network.

▶ Server Structure (IMPORTANT)

Just like Factions, we will be combining “Prison-1,” “Prison-2” and “Prison-3” into one, larger server. But don’t worry! We’ve got plans!

If you've made a purchase for a Rank, GKit, Tags, Perks (Permissions) etc then don't worry! We will be merging your permissions & ranks to Prison. So yes, you will keep your purchases! This also means if you have won a rank or permission through the use of a crate key, we will also be transferring those.

Now that we've got the boring information out of the way, I think it's time we get to the interesting stuff! With that, I am also happy to announce that all 3 YouTubers WILL recording a series on the Factions Fire realm! Now, the features!

▶ Automation

We’ve heard you, and we are finally proud to announce that we will be adding automated tools into the Prison server on TheSquadMC! These will include things such as AutoSell and AutoSmelt! Even better, for those of you that have ranks, these will be coming to you as a free upgrade (If you’ve got the correct rank)!

▶ Boosters

Boosters come with a variety of types, and durations! Types include:
  • EXP
  • Money
  • Speed
You can gain these boosters from our store, and from various cratekeys if you’re really lucky!
You will be able to purchase Boosters on our webstore -...

TheSquadMC has been hosting a Raffle Event since the 30th of April, on all servers!

We’ve randomly selected, with a random name generator, the following names as winners!

1. @TheBerserkerLord (Top Rank, on any server, of your choice)
2. @TheOnlyEli (Second Top Rank, on any server, of your choice)
3. @Pealry_Panda (Crate key, on any server, of your choice)

Thanks to everyone who entered, and for all those who didn’t win, better luck next time!

Please message me to claim your prize (With the rank/crate you want).


TheSquadMC will be hosting a Raffle Event, with the winner being randomly selected for some awesome prizes!

You will have until the 30th APRIL to enter, and the THREE selected lucky people will receive one of the Prizes!

1x - Top Rank of Server of your choice.
1x - Second Top Rank of your choice.
1x - Crate Key of your choice.

Winners will be selected via a Random Name Generator, and all you need to do to enter is:

How to enter:
1. Like this thread.
2. Comment with your IGN and a nice message.
3. Include a photo of you and your Island/Base/Plot for everyone to love!



Today is the day of the Factions Fire release! Factions Fire will be unlocked at around 1pm EST, it could be a couple minutes late but as of right now, everything is on track!

We have extended the 75% Easter Sale until the 6th of April, I highly advise you to take advantage of this! You can take advantage on our store:

Double Votes
To celebrate the start of the month, we will be doing an ONE DAY only event! DOUBLE VOTES. Yes, you heard me. For today only you will receive 2x the rewards when you vote! This will last until the 2nd of April so make sure you take advantage of this! You can vote ingame via the /vote command or head HERE!

April Monthly Crate (Factions)
Upon the release of Factions Fire at 1pm EST, we will also be releasing our updated store for Factions! You will be able to purchase Mob Bosses & Mystery Spawners! With those you will also be able to purchase the BRAND NEW April Monthly Crate!

If you're new, a Monthly Crate is an item that you can right-click to redeem 10 prizes, one of them may even be a rank! You can purchase 3 of these Crates per month, and there will be a new Monthly Crate every Month

Remember, you will also get 75% DISCOUNT on all store items here:

Here is what the April Monthly Crate has in store for you:


Again, you'll be able to purchase this in our webstore!

I look forward to the release of Factions Fire is just over 1 hour and 20 minutes, hope to see you all there!


What's up everyone,

The 12 hour Purge event has sadly come to an end, what a day it's been! We destroyed all Faction servers, we broke a Faction server or two, we broke the economy, gave away too much free stuff and used WAY too much TNT! Our Faction servers will now be unavaible for the next 24 hours as we prepare them to merge into the new season of Factions - Factions Fire.

We all know that all of your bought store items are quite precious to you and everyone who purchases them, in this announcement we will let you know what you will keep, lose and get back in Factions Fire.

A reset is pretty straight forward, we will be resetting all the worlds and the player data. Here is a list of everything that will get reset:
  • The Overworld
  • The End & Nether
  • Inventories, Player Vaults & Enderchests
  • McMMO Levels & Credit
  • Leaderboards & F Top
  • Purchased Perks
  • Set Homes
  • Player Balances
Don't worry, not everything is lost! Below is a list of all of the bits and bobs that you will keep upon the reset.
  • Player Ranks
  • Player Tags
  • Permission Perks (feed, colored signs, repair and nickname permissions only)
  • GKits

In Season 1, the Sell Wand & Craft Wands were very buggy and didn't work properly for a while. We worked hard on fixing this as much as we could. In Season 2 the two wands are stable and work better than ever. To apologise for any inconvenience, we are giving out gift cards to players who purchased one of these wands, the money on the gift card will depend on the sale price of the wand.

Anyone who has purchased a wand may receive a Gift Card, to get one, simply reply to this thread with your username and which of the two wands you bought and we will get back to you as soon as...

Today I am going to be announcing a whole ton of information for you guys! Over the past couple of weeks since I've joined TheSquadMC I was given the task to recreate our Factions servers! So I am happy to announce and present to you.. Factions Fire.

Factions Fire will release on April 1st at 1PM EST.
You can view the time remaining here:


With Factions Fire comes a crazy amount of updates, fixes and important changes to the structure of how our current Faction servers are so make sure you're paying attention.

Server Structure (IMPORTANT)
We will be removing the 3 Faction servers right now which are rightly named "Factions-1" "Factions-2" and "Factions-3" and combining them all into one server which is going to be named "Factions Fire".

If you've made a purchase for a Rank, GKit, Tags, Perks (Permissions) etc then don't worry! We will be merging your permissions & ranks to Factions Fire. So yes, you will keep your purchases! This also means if you have won a rank or permission through the use of a crate key, we will also be transferring those.

I had noticed that there were a large amount of issues related to Perks. Issues such as people not getting what they purchased, not getting the tools that they purchased or the Perks just simply not working.

So with that we have decided that we're going to review ALL Perk payments and compensate those who made the purchases on Factions-1, 2 and 3 with the equivalent gift-card for you to reuse on our store! You can use these gift cards for ABSOLUTELY anything (within the balance) on our webstore -...
Hello everyone,

Earlier today, at approximately 10:05AM ET, we experienced a drive failure on the machine that hosts the TSMC website. While we were working with our hosting provider to investigate, this caused our site to become temporarily unavailable and a rollback to be initiated. We'd like to clarify on what happened to your data during this process behind-the-scenes.

At around the time specified above, our team picked up and investigated on a database issue that required our internal services to reboot. During this process, it became clear that our servers weren't able to start due to a drive related issue.

These types of problems require intervention from an external team as our hosting services are managed. This party took a significant amount to locate the issue, and at 10:30AM ET we restored to a temporary version of the site to post an update.

In the following hours, unfortunately it became clear to us that the damage was critical, and we would have to start back up based off of backup systems. These systems get updated every 24 hours normally, however due to a caching issue - it appeared that data had been downloaded from an outdated machine, dating back from March 18th.

This means that any and all data uploaded or changed between March 18th 8:00AM ET and March 27th 10:00AM ET, is permanently deleted from our site until further notice. We would like to deeply apologise for this inconvenience, and understand that this is an extremely frustrating issue for many of you using our site. Until we receive more information, unfortunately this is the situation we will have to deal with, and we'll continue to work on updates behind the scenes. We will keep you posted in this thread.

Thanks for understanding.